The Duo Project began in the spring of 2015, as part of my first annual studio recital. It was always a great learning experience to play with my teachers, and I wanted to extend the same opportunity to my students.

So far, we have commissioned and premiered thirty-two violin duets, five marimba and violin duets, one trio for violin, marimba and oud, one violin, piano and picture book piece, two violin quartets, one violin quintet with bowed chimes and one work for eight violins written collaboratively by the members of the studio.

The recitals are informal and interactive, and often include interdisciplinary elements such as dance and visual art.

I am extremely grateful to all the wonderful contributing composers.

We are currently recoding the works with the support of grant from Berklee College of Music and will be added to the media page as they become available. Contact information for the composers is available here.