From Fanfare: Martino: Fantasies and Impromptus / Piano Trio / Serenata Concertante / Peyton: Elegy / Homans: Quintino

By Colin Clarke (excerpt, Gramercy Trio).

The 2004 Trio for violin, cello, and piano is a mightily impressive work. Here the lyrical element is, if anything, even further to the fore. The central slow movement is intensely personal, while the finale successfully pits gritty writing against unashamedly long lines. It is hard to imagine a more dedicated performance than this. The expressive weight of dissonances is respected, with all required nuances. The Schoenbergian element to the high-lying string lines a minute or so before the piece’s end unashamedly takes the music into the realms of expressionist angst. An audience member whoops right at the end, and it is difficult to disagree with his eloquent appraisal of the performance’s merits.